I am a one woman shop working out of a home that I share with 6 Siberian Huskies and two cats. (kids and husband too ;)  Please wash your garment before wearing it or return it to me if need be and I will give you a full refund.


Custom - to the capital C. There isn't a program out there that can digitally decide what's best for your design. Sure they can upload your logo and put it on a shirt but you lose the personal service that truly helps bring your design alive. Companies just cant make money doing what I do. Myself included. Lucky for me I am not in this for the money, nor do I consider myself a company. Tell me your ideas and I guarantee you'll get exactly what you never knew you wanted.

Small Biz Branding - I can help with on going branding such as employee work shirts or team shirts. Each shirt is done 1 at a time which means customizing comes easier. No need to stockpile stacks and stacks of shirts just to get them a little cheaper. I keep your logos and custom designs on file so I can make what you need when you need it. I can also do all the graphics you need for your race car and race team as well as signs, banners and window stickers for your storefronts. Whatever you need to keep your team and storefront outfitted with designs that have your vision in mind. I can do anything all those other sign and tshirt shops can do... just let me know what you need.


    Since I do everything by hand and one at a time I get to be super picky about what kinds of materials I use. From the beginning I have been in love with Stahls vinyl. Its top notch quality that lasts longer than the garment itself! I am excited that they just started making sticker vinyl as well. Unless otherwise requested, Stahls vinyl is what I use.


shipping or hand delivery is usually free

Here are a few tips on caring for your design.

If your design is mainly lines with little fill than you can beat it up.. Seriously.. My husband is a mechanic and I do all of his shirts. He gets them super dirty every day and the design just remains beautiful with every single wash.

If your design is filled then it's going to feel filled. Not so much like an iron on design but it can feel thick.  It can also wrinkle so make sure that you wash it on cold and pull it out of the dryer immediately. Don't let this scare you. The filled designs are gorgeous! I wear a tank top with a filled design to the gym all the time and it never bothers me or sticks to my skin.. Biggest thing to remember is to not let it wrinkle in the dryer, although heating it up again straightens it out. Wrinkle or not the design will never fade or peel and if it does then I'll make you another one or give you a full refund.


Your design was plotted not printed.. That means that a tiny knife cut it out rather than printing it with ink.. That also means you never have to worry about colors bleeding. Each shirt or hat or whatever it is we are making is printed one at a time. I am not limited to a design once its been drawn. I can change it anytime before it gets plotted! Perfect for when you want different sizes versions of your design without having to pay extra setup fees. I can change the colors too and put it on anything without having to make templates or screens that I may never use again. This process gets you more options for colors, styles, quantities and size.  


I use a ROLAND CAMM-1 PRO to cut all of my designs and I have a professional HOTRONIX FUSION HEAT PRESS that fuses the design into the material. This thing rocks.. Seriously.. It tells me what pressure and temps to use based on the type of vinyl you request and the company that I get all of my supplies from does lots of research to educate me about techniques that will make sure your designs lasts the longest. Once again, if it fades or peels or if you hate it, just let me know and I make you another one or refund your money.


Thank you so much for your business! My family truly appreciates it and in the future if you would like for me to create something else for you, I can always be reached at jennid@bermdesigns.com. Sincerely, Jenni D

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