I love stainless steel jewelry.

I can wear it all day and night no matter what I do.

I can wear it in the shower, beat it up in the gym

and if I lose it its cheap to replace.

Stainless Steele is really good at resisting rust and corrosion, it wont fade, change color or

leave any marks or stains on your skin.

It requires no maintenance to keep it looking new!

Here are a few of my favorites with many

many more to come.


If you see something you like but I don't

have your size just let me know and I'll do

whatever I can to get it for you.  








My favorite musician, my 9 year old kiddo,

chose all the musical instruments you see

here for sale in the store. He is a little rock star

already playing both electric and electric bass

guitars, keyboard, violin, flute and well,

anything musical he can get his hands on. 

All the money I make on selling these little instruments will go to him for his music lessons and instrument purchases. He was crazy happy about that!

Most of them are sterling silver which is another win in my book. Check them out!

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